Monday, May 01, 2006


John, sitting on his desk acting so miserable, he is an reporter around 40 years old. Michael, a friend enters his office.

Michael : Hello John, how are you today?
John : Ah hi Michael.
Michael : Whats up?
John : Oh nothing.
Michael : Come on, its obvious, your face is telling me so. You had a divorce, got robbed?
John : I wish I did.
Michael : Huh?
John : My lame, stupid, fucking editor ordered me to write an article about Sodi Arbia.
Michael : Sodi Arbia? You mean Saudi Arabia?
John : Yeah Sandi Barbaria.
Michael : So whats wrong with that?
* John suddenly stands up.
John : Whats wrong with that? I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT SANDI BARBARIA! Thats all!
Michael : Well, they have oil. They caused 9/11, uhh.. have camels, and live in a desert!
John : Oh, problem solved.. not! Do you think I can actually write that in an article!
Michael : Just talk about how Saudi Arabia is continuing to opress women and stuff.
John : The editor wants a new thing, something never talked about.
Michael : Tell him nothing new happened in Saudi Arabia, the usual terrorists flying planes into there tents, Camel1 racing, bedouins walking with chopped off hands.
John : AGH! Complicated.
Michael : Aha! I have a good idea.
John : What?
Michael : Let us search google for Saudi Arabia articles.
John : Ok.

They both open google, began searching. Find a couple of articles..
John : Hey look at this!
Michael : So there old dying king lowered oil prices?
John : Why can't he lower the oil prices in the world then!?
Michael : Well, maybe because he is the king of Saudi Arabia, not the world.
John : Still, they must be lowering it for some good reasons, maybe so terrorists in Iraq can come to Saudi Arabia, fill oil, and go there and place more money on bombs, and kill our troops there.
Michael : But we dont have proof.
John : Oh yes we do, why would they lower oil prices then?
Michael : So there citizens can save some money?
John : Haha, those filthy rich bedouins? They are filled with money, but the reason why terrorism has been quiet lately is because they are beginning to lose money, lower the oil prices, and use that money on terrorism.
Michael : But they only lowered 30 halalas, halalas are there cents, per liter.
John : And how much does one halala equal?
Michael : Uhh....
John : It probably equals 1 dollar!, they are saving 30 dollars every time they pump a liter, in one day they can buy tons of explosives!
Michael : Your right, thats why there was some explosions in Egypt!
John : OH yes! Haha we caught you evil Sandi Barbaria!
Michael : Oh yes, now quickly type this article and lets go to DarkSea nightclub down the street.
John : Oh okay.

By John DumDumb Blah City, Lala Land