Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Yes people, you will one day get caught, so you must face... the punishment. But, there is a huge variety of punishments in high schools, how can I evade them, how can I know them? Voila :-

The Stubborn Punishment :- Very annoying, can do a huge damage to your evading reputation. Yes, this teacher will insist on punishing you, no matter what you did. Having a reputation of being a troublemaker makes almost all evading tricks useless. For ex, lets say you were talking with a friend. He insulted your mother, will you shut up? OF COURSE NOT! You will response by swearing his look, sister, etc, he will also reply, soon it will get out of hand. You must learn patience against the Stubborn teacher, he will punish both of you, no matter what happens.

1st choice :- He might be the marks kind, who will take out his marks register paper (MRP) and look for your name. If your the last, good for you, if your the first, uhoh. While he looks for your name, you can use different ways of not getting a negative mark. The best, is to offer the teacher to sit away from the people you were talking/fighting with, or stand up near the wall next to the teacher. If that doesn't work, then your just a stupid moron to begin with!

2nd choice :- He will tell you to go out, in other words, to go out into hell! I am sorry, but this is a 'game over' situation. If your well known for being a small troublemaker, using the Stand Away situation (The one above?) might help. If not, no matter what you do. Kneel on the floor, kiss his foot, he will keep saying no go out. I once was about to cry from the amount of swearing I didn't do it, but nothing. So, simply go out.

The Suddent Attacker :- Sudden Attacker? Yes, some teachers/supervisors are dangerous, physically, you might be enjoying your time during a boring Math class watching some videos on your mobile, BAM, he comes from front of you while you do not notice, slaps you on the head, takes the mobile, and threatens to kick you out/take off some marks. Ouch? Yes indeed.

Ex 1 :- You must look around your 'environment' before fooling around, he might be in the hall wandering, looking for fresh prey. Or he might be in your class. So you are so bored, and your friend has some new cool Pamela Anderson pictures etc. You want to see it badly, and send it via bluetooth to your mobile. But, the Sudden Attacker is around, WHAT SHOULD I DO?!

First, place your mobile in the desk, and hold the mobile you want to see the pictures on and send to. Your other hand on top of the desk. (Better for you to place the mobile in your 'main' hand) Look at the files in your friends mobile for 5 seconds, normally look around for 5 seconds, to make sure the sudden attacker is not suspicious, when you make sure his eyes isn't on you, quickly look back. Continue this cycle, if you feel the sudden attacker has his suspicions high, do not PANIC. (Ex. Do not quickly place the mobile inside the desk, slowly, and make sure the main hand is still down, 3 seconds then raise it slowly to scratch your nose, and slowly move your chair closer to the desk, make sure its not noticeable. At this time he will suspect, but won't make his move. Forget the mobile and concentrate for the rest of the period, or continue if you want to get fried.

So I got caught, I ain't a professional as Saudi Future, what should I do?

Well, you are under his mercy. One thing, MAKE SURE THERE IS 3-5 FEETS BETWEEN YOU AND HIM!!!!11!111


Because the sudden attacker might actually suddenly attack?! He will slap his hands towards your face, and quickly raise his feet into your ass, and shout at you to go to his office, or to the office. Do you want to be embaressed infront of the class? Not me, make sure there is a limit, and when you see him move towards you, get the fuck outta his reach area!

The sudden attacker and stubborn punishment are fatal, so make sure you aren't under there mercy.


Blogger bored said...

kid.... enjoy your high skool trust me when they r done with you will regret the day you graduated..

also on high advice , hook up with the big man himself ,yes the mudeer thenand onyl then will you be invincible (trust me ) also depends on what skool you go to ...so many variables ,but the most important one is DONT GET CAUGHT ,that one works perfectly and dont let them intimidate you trust me they are normally full of it .


9:55 AM

Blogger Mysterious said...

dnt b so hard on teachers put yourself in their shoes ...chill highschool it comes around once and try being nice yourself or simply stay out of trouble, everything else will clear up and youll feel better

trouble-maker? loved?
you decide

12:43 PM

Blogger Saudi Future said...

mysterious, its not my problem they are weak and can't control there classes. Teachers are like governments, and students are the population. I am nice from time to time. :)

Bored, our 'mudeer' slaps when he is mad, dont want to be his friend!

7:27 AM

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