Sunday, April 30, 2006

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This is only some of the lately 'shia discontent' in Saudi Arabia. What the? First of all, the shia are mad because of the government. Which is influenced by Wahhabis, muttawas, etc. Everyone in Saudi Arabia hates the Wahhabis, Najdi, Bedoui, Hijazi, Qaseemi, Jizani, 5w6y :p, even the foriegners. Everyone doesn't like something in the government.

But how funny, they never talked about the Shia dicontent south, in Jizan and Aseer area. There is actually some violence there, mostly over shia, and yemeni borders. BUT OF COURSE, the American well developed and well informative of our country media didn't talk about it why? Maybe because Aseer has lots of tourism in KSA? Since Saudi Arabia is an 'ally', they don't want to ruin the local tourism, the only place where Saudis might actually consider to go in summer. Of course thats why, Eastern Province is useless, and if it got 'broken up' and joined USA for example, it would help us really. No need to spend money on those cities. No need to improve the oil refineries, or the couple of universities there. Let the Americans do it, they can pump the oil and sell it instead. Yeah, its finally entering my brain. America is just helping us get rid of the violent and rowdy bunch of Eastern Province.* Thank you America media, you proved you are smart, know alot about the Saudi areas, and there people. And most of all, you don't spread propangda!

Jizan, Aseer, Najran, South West Saudi Arabia :- An area mostly Shia, with some family having roots from Yemen. Since there is a problem with border placements between Yemen and KSA, violence between tribes from Yemen and Saudi Arabia are from time to time fighting against the Saudi military there. Also because they are trying to force Wahhabi religion over Shia there. Unlike Eastern Province, which is totally a peaceful place. Many people actually visit there, personally, other than Najd, and Mecca, both Dammam and Khobar are the only places I visited in KSA till now. My uncle's family is there, even though you would consider him as a Wahhabi extremist.


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Know one can call the American media informed, but what exactly makes you the expert on how people from Al-Qateef feel? Have you lived there? They DO feel marginalized, victimized, and treated like 3rd class citizens.

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