Monday, March 06, 2006

Kinds Of Teachers

They are many kind of teachers, but each one has his/her attitude, so which one should you sleep, which one should you mess around, and which one should you actually study?

The Strict Teacher : If your teacher is a bodybuilder, who drinks coffee all the time, then BE CAREFUL. Do not do anything bad, he will rip apart your body, some go physical, while others scream all day. Others kick you out and you'll get screwed with the principal, some strict teachers do all that. It will be even worse if he is a Art, French, or PE teacher or any other lame and useless subject, then you'll have to concentrate to something lame, like saying Bonjour and Oui all day. But if its Math, then you'll get to learn some important stuff!

Advice : Save all your energy for this class. If your sleepy, slap yourself around, to try to wake up, if your hungry, better eat before he comes, and if your bored, then you better look at your watch every minute. If you want to daydream, then the minute he begins to explain, look towards your book and enter your daydream world. But if he's writing, then you better write, or he'll kill you or your marks if he catches you not writing...

The Angry Teacher : Their's a difference between Angry and Strict, unlike the Strict teacher, the Angry ones will attack without questioning. For example, your daydreaming peacefully, when someone nearby pushes down your desk. The Angry Teacher, will begin by screaming, then look towards the noise, and boom, their goes the thing he was holding towards you. ESPICIALLY if your sitting in the last row, or the wall behind you. Books, markers, pens, erasers, anything he can possibly throw. At least you can hope he will throw the marker, hey at least you can use it to draw on your desk later.

Advice : This is the best place to sleep. Eating or talking will make you get hit by a book or a marker, while sleeping he won't care at all. So good dreams.

The Clumsy Teacher : This is heaven class, espicially if he teaches a useless subject. Gather all your antics and energy for this class. You can scream "FUCK YOU Mr.BLAH" and he won't care, why? He doesn't have the guts to do it thats why. Best place to sit is in the back, this way you can't get pens, oranges, and bananas thrown at you. And you can throw it, and its best to sit next to other troublemakers. This way you can scream, but won't know which one of you did it. Don't forget to get your missiles ready. Fruits, pens, papers etc, make sure you throw it on nerdy students, its a hell of fun to see them looking around to see who did it, haha really cracks me up. If you have the guts, then make an paperplane, and aim it at the teacher. IF caught, then you can say that planes attack people randomly, and it wasn't your fault.

Advice : Even though he's clumsy, but he has his ways. You can get marks and fool around? YES you can, first of all, you have to place your book and notebook with you. Open them, and turn the notebook to some written page, and make sure it isn't signed. This way you can show him your notepad and get marks when he asks for homework/classwork, he won't read it, so don't worry. If he sees you messing around a couple of times, then beware. Some can get pissed off and tell you to go out. You can beg awhile, but its all luck. Beware of those who go call the supervisors, if its one of them, then go out peacefully, stay 15 minutes in the bathroom, come out, and politely apologize. When your back continue fooling around.

Tommorow : Different ways of fooling around, and how to evade getting caught!


Blogger taqo said...

LOL. Alot of that stuff is true. Ill use this post as a reference ;p

6:58 AM

Blogger Diabz said...

loool. luv ur blog

9:26 AM

Blogger Limoosh said...

Sooo interesting and funny
keep writing pls , we r enjoying

11:46 AM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's quite disrespectful and totally cruel to teachers and other students. Obviously you have no love or mercy for anyone but yourself. It's no wonder the rest of the world thinks saudi are stupid, with the educatiion system running like that. And no wonder you send your kids to the west to get decent training. What a spoiled brat.

11:05 AM

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