Monday, February 27, 2006

When will we talk for ourselves?

For years you have publicly apologized for comparatively low levels of violence, lack of reform, or the slow pace of change. Repeatedly I heard the despair and cynicism blinding you to what is happening in front of you: Palpable change, construction growth, new institutions, reform efforts, and the mutawa. You have much to be proud of, but your politeness and kindness allows the West to trample you, naming you a threat to “democracy” and the world.
You cannot let this continue. Pre-empt the increase in anti-Saudi hostility and stop re-emphasizing your weaknesses. You are a dignified people, so take pride in your country in action, not just spirit. Explain to the world how you respect women, how safe and free from crime you are, and how family takes priority. Demand how the US, world leader in murder, rape and domestic violence, dare accuse you of human rights abuses. Ask how Americans can defend their preferred method of capital punishment by electrocuting women, minors and the mentally handicapped. How, if democracy includes the export of the largest pornographic industry throughout the world, can they judge the Kingdom for its restrictions? Why can a Saudi leave his wallet, laptop and digital camera on the front seat of a car, as I did, and return to find everything intact? Americans live in gated subdivisions with security alarms; child molesters roam free in every neighborhood. Half empty compounds in the Kingdom are triple barricaded, one Alkhobar compound protected by five security walls and armored trucks. Murderers don’t return to the scene of their crime, so why such fear? Nuns, priests, Jewish settlers, rabbis and Catholics cover their heads but Saudi women are “oppressed” for such? Why apologize for your rate of progress when it took the United States two hundred years, until 1920, to grant women the right to vote? American women are paid seventy-five cents to the dollar compared to men; the Prophet’s first wife was his employer, a successful and powerful businesswoman.
Another wife, Aisha, fought in battle alongside men, and Islam forbids racism. How then did it take until 1963 after riots and protests before blacks were granted civil rights, the end to segregation, and freedom? Bias remains rampant and races still do not mix freely.
Why can the US government attack any Arab nation when not one Arab state has ever threatened America? Is this “democracy”? More importantly, is this what you want?

And the American press continues to criticize us like a blind monkey. When Mr.Paul was killed by Saudi terrorists, outraged happened in the USA. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen every time, when Mr.Folan gets killed in a gang fight, or when Mrs.Smith gets raped then killed, when Mr.John gets hanged on his house tree because he flunked a couple of teenager students, when 15 year old Mark gets killed after he was 'playing' with his gun he got, when Jennifer ran away from home to become a prostitute, when James died because of drugs, why don't they cry and blame themselves? When 15 Saudis killed 3,000 people, they were outraged. But when 1000 Americans kill 1000 Americans by drugs, rape, murder, homicide, revenge, and gang fights during a month, nothing even happens compared to 9/11. Why don't we talk back, even Americans who studied us thinks we should. Why was it okay for them to kill themselves and other innocent people, and when we kill people they act like hell fell down. Why don't you do the same when


Anonymous Nuri said...

slightly exagerated, to my taste

12:26 AM

Blogger arab_gamer said...

i would like to see more of your posts
keep up the good work!

3:47 PM

Anonymous kufr said...

Is this what passes for thinking in Saudi Arabia?

7:13 AM

Blogger AMDG said...

Catholics cover their head? Well, thank you for leting me know, I will buy a hat.

I will also try to dream about the six year daughters of my friends, like your profet.

8:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The people you cite as being covered have a choice, not so four Saudi women. For your examples of empowered Muslim women, you have to reach back 1400 years. This is a shame. As a Muslim, I am shamed by the actions of your country in smearing the religion of the Prophet. A religion of pluralism, love for Allah, kindness, charity, and justice has turned into a religion of fear.

I would have more respect for what you say if I did not have to deal with the Saudi's that come to Geneva each summer fueling a run on prostitutes, alcohol and gold watches. The worst thing is the hypocrasy that flows from the Kingdom about respect for women and being pious. Would citizens still go for prayers if they were not forced to go. A religion of force no longer is about values.

I have more freedom to practice my Muslim faith in the West than I would in KSA. What a shame.

5:52 AM

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