Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Weirdos Part 1

Today while I was in class, we were studying British rule over Egypt and how Zionist began and how Jewish settlers began moving to Palestine. While I was reading some pages ahead of the class to myself, I heard some Palestinian guy saying "Haha Saudis were riding camels". I quickly looked at him and replied "And were where you guys doing huh?". I wanted to add some more, but didn't feel liking losing some marks because of it. Really, who is he to talk about Saudis riding camels? At least we were living in peace, riding our camels, unlike Palestine that were begging people for help..

Our teacher was talking about Social Studies, then he usually began going off-topic as usual, either talking about women or governments. This time it was about governments, he was talking about the kaafala (In Saudi Arabia, foriegns must have a kafeel, who takes care of his legal papers and is responsible for what he does, and some make them pay him a monthly salary, around 200 - 100 riyals.) "Yalen abo ableshum! God curse them! They are so rich and they still want more? For a measly hundred or so riyals?" he said in frustration. Another one, a Jordanian guy said in an Arabic class, while we were talking about what the rich are said about in Quran, "Those Saudis are rich, and they want more, mat7lfeen, uncivilized". Those two are similar statements, so one reply goes to them. America's military is the strongest, and continue to try to make it stronger, they didn't complain about it. Japan's industry is the strongest in the world, and they continue to try to make it stronger, so when Saudi Arabia's economy is strong (Its not even the strongest in the world, but they only complain about it only?!) but of course they have to complain about them. Everyone wants to be stronger, they better not forget, how they used to get a measly 500 $ salary in their countries, now when they get at least 2000 $ they are suddenly all that. If you think foriegners in Saudi Arabia are weird, wait till the next part!


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