Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons

Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons Gwladys FouchéMonday February 6, 2006
Jyllands-Posten, the Danish newspaper that first published the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad that have caused a storm of protest throughout the Islamic world, refused to run drawings lampooning Jesus Christ, it has emerged today.
The Danish daily turned down the cartoons of Christ three years ago, on the grounds that they could be offensive to readers and were not funny.
In April 2003, Danish illustrator Christoffer Zieler submitted a series of unsolicited cartoons dealing with the resurrection of Christ to Jyllands-Posten.
Zieler received an email back from the paper's Sunday editor, Jens Kaiser, which said: "I don't think Jyllands-Posten's readers will enjoy the drawings. As a matter of fact, I think that they will provoke an outcry. Therefore, I will not use them."
The illustrator said: "I see the cartoons as an innocent joke, of the type that my Christian grandfather would enjoy."
"I showed them to a few pastors and they thought they were funny."
But the Jyllands-Posten editor in question, Mr Kaiser, said that the case was "ridiculous to bring forward now. It has nothing to do with the Muhammad cartoons.
"In the Muhammad drawings case, we asked the illustrators to do it. I did not ask for these cartoons. That's the difference," he said.
"The illustrator thought his cartoons were funny. I did not think so. It would offend some readers, not much but some."
The decision smacks of "double-standards", said Ahmed Akkari, spokesman for the Danish-based European Committee for Prophet Honouring, the umbrella group that represents 27 Muslim organisations that are campaigning for a full apology from Jyllands-Posten.
"How can Jyllands-Posten distinguish the two cases? Surely they must understand," Mr Akkari added.

What should I say, the article explains itself, Mohammed and Muslims, very very funny, Jesus and Christians no... not that funny, lame etc.


Also a nice apology to Norway and Denmark over the attack in Syria, indeed those who did it were morons.



Blogger Evangeline said...

I think no religion should be made fun of! whether it is Islam or Christianity, religions have to be respected...and if those guys wanna do humor, there are plenty of topics out there to have fun with...why focus on the most sensitive one....they are probably loosers who are desperate to sell their paper so they go for cheap ridiculous ways! nice post!

11:23 AM

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