Monday, February 27, 2006

When will we talk for ourselves?

For years you have publicly apologized for comparatively low levels of violence, lack of reform, or the slow pace of change. Repeatedly I heard the despair and cynicism blinding you to what is happening in front of you: Palpable change, construction growth, new institutions, reform efforts, and the mutawa. You have much to be proud of, but your politeness and kindness allows the West to trample you, naming you a threat to “democracy” and the world.
You cannot let this continue. Pre-empt the increase in anti-Saudi hostility and stop re-emphasizing your weaknesses. You are a dignified people, so take pride in your country in action, not just spirit. Explain to the world how you respect women, how safe and free from crime you are, and how family takes priority. Demand how the US, world leader in murder, rape and domestic violence, dare accuse you of human rights abuses. Ask how Americans can defend their preferred method of capital punishment by electrocuting women, minors and the mentally handicapped. How, if democracy includes the export of the largest pornographic industry throughout the world, can they judge the Kingdom for its restrictions? Why can a Saudi leave his wallet, laptop and digital camera on the front seat of a car, as I did, and return to find everything intact? Americans live in gated subdivisions with security alarms; child molesters roam free in every neighborhood. Half empty compounds in the Kingdom are triple barricaded, one Alkhobar compound protected by five security walls and armored trucks. Murderers don’t return to the scene of their crime, so why such fear? Nuns, priests, Jewish settlers, rabbis and Catholics cover their heads but Saudi women are “oppressed” for such? Why apologize for your rate of progress when it took the United States two hundred years, until 1920, to grant women the right to vote? American women are paid seventy-five cents to the dollar compared to men; the Prophet’s first wife was his employer, a successful and powerful businesswoman.
Another wife, Aisha, fought in battle alongside men, and Islam forbids racism. How then did it take until 1963 after riots and protests before blacks were granted civil rights, the end to segregation, and freedom? Bias remains rampant and races still do not mix freely.
Why can the US government attack any Arab nation when not one Arab state has ever threatened America? Is this “democracy”? More importantly, is this what you want?

And the American press continues to criticize us like a blind monkey. When Mr.Paul was killed by Saudi terrorists, outraged happened in the USA. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen every time, when Mr.Folan gets killed in a gang fight, or when Mrs.Smith gets raped then killed, when Mr.John gets hanged on his house tree because he flunked a couple of teenager students, when 15 year old Mark gets killed after he was 'playing' with his gun he got, when Jennifer ran away from home to become a prostitute, when James died because of drugs, why don't they cry and blame themselves? When 15 Saudis killed 3,000 people, they were outraged. But when 1000 Americans kill 1000 Americans by drugs, rape, murder, homicide, revenge, and gang fights during a month, nothing even happens compared to 9/11. Why don't we talk back, even Americans who studied us thinks we should. Why was it okay for them to kill themselves and other innocent people, and when we kill people they act like hell fell down. Why don't you do the same when

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Weirdos Part 2

We had this Philipino maid, she was calm and quiet and only speaked English. She worked around 7 hours or so, 2 hours in morning cleaning, 2 hours cooking, and another 2-3 babysitting my small brother. We gave her around 300 dollars, she lived with us. For Westerns, we never tortured her. We never taped her hands to the wall and began throwing rocks on her. We never flogged her when she she placed a foot outside the house. Etc, all those usual maids complaining about how we Saudis are barbaric in treating her. We never even shouted at her. One Thursday morning, I was sleeping enjoying my only day I get some real sleep, when I heard my father shouting. It turned out that my maid wanted a 6,000 dollars or so, her father had a 'heart attack'. Before she accepted our offer to work at our house, she asked for a couple of thousand dollars, to send to her 'poor and dying family'. After quite awhile, my father gave her what she wanted. Next morning, my mom woke up and found that the maid wasn't cleaning the house (sweeping, cleaning the rooms, making the beds). She went to her room and didn't find her, it turned out she had ran away, with the money and everything, even my mother's new abaya..

Where is she?!?!

She can't be staying in a hotel, she'll use up her money in a couple of weeks/days, and besides she needs a job. I don't really care about her, but I'm rather sad to see my father being robbed, and he is only one in a million of the many Saudis who are being robbed daily. Whenever you enter with a shma3 and thobe, they raise up their prices. Whenever they see you they ask you for money, saying you have lots of money and you don't need a couple of riyals blah blah blah, and blah. Summary..

Why do arab governments always ask for 'finacial help' from us, why do other arabs always ask for money for us, why do other arabs always swear and insult us behind our backs, why does my Egyptian friend calls me 'Badwi' and when he sees a real bedouin he acts like he didn't see him? And finally, why do we still help them?


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Weirdos Part 1

Today while I was in class, we were studying British rule over Egypt and how Zionist began and how Jewish settlers began moving to Palestine. While I was reading some pages ahead of the class to myself, I heard some Palestinian guy saying "Haha Saudis were riding camels". I quickly looked at him and replied "And were where you guys doing huh?". I wanted to add some more, but didn't feel liking losing some marks because of it. Really, who is he to talk about Saudis riding camels? At least we were living in peace, riding our camels, unlike Palestine that were begging people for help..

Our teacher was talking about Social Studies, then he usually began going off-topic as usual, either talking about women or governments. This time it was about governments, he was talking about the kaafala (In Saudi Arabia, foriegns must have a kafeel, who takes care of his legal papers and is responsible for what he does, and some make them pay him a monthly salary, around 200 - 100 riyals.) "Yalen abo ableshum! God curse them! They are so rich and they still want more? For a measly hundred or so riyals?" he said in frustration. Another one, a Jordanian guy said in an Arabic class, while we were talking about what the rich are said about in Quran, "Those Saudis are rich, and they want more, mat7lfeen, uncivilized". Those two are similar statements, so one reply goes to them. America's military is the strongest, and continue to try to make it stronger, they didn't complain about it. Japan's industry is the strongest in the world, and they continue to try to make it stronger, so when Saudi Arabia's economy is strong (Its not even the strongest in the world, but they only complain about it only?!) but of course they have to complain about them. Everyone wants to be stronger, they better not forget, how they used to get a measly 500 $ salary in their countries, now when they get at least 2000 $ they are suddenly all that. If you think foriegners in Saudi Arabia are weird, wait till the next part!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

What are we doing?

So what are we doing, while Iran is improving their military, and gaining nuclear weapons?
So what are we doing, while USA is increasing their influence in the middle east?

Oh, we are placing stickers on our cars condemning what the Danes did.
Oh, we are blogging about how Saudi guys/girls are annoying etc.

What will happen when Iran throws some nuclear bombs on us?
What will happen when America gets sick of us and invades?

Oh, we will be making meetings on how to attack the Danish embassies.
Oh, we will be opening blogs about Saudi guys/girls, criticizing them like wild.

What will we do when Iranians invade us after bombing us?
What will we do when USA occupies the Eastern Province?

Oh, we will be complaining because we can't make meetings or print newspapers because of the invasion.

Oh, we will be hopelessly trying to connect to the net but decide to meet at Starbucks to plan what to do to the other sex when the internet is back.

Instead of improving our military, improving our influence, improving our nation, improving our unity, improving our belief in one slogan, La Ilah Ila Allah Wa Ashud Ina Mohammedn Rasool Allah.

We will be boycotting and sending messages on boycotting Denmark.
We will be making new blogs to bash the Saudi guys/girls.

Sabhan Allah... This time we won't have the West to help us, for once let us work together as one nation, and concentrate on stuff way more important. You'll be wishing you listened to me when you live with your family in the desert, since the Iranians and Americans occupied our money and cities!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons

Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons Gwladys FouchéMonday February 6, 2006
Jyllands-Posten, the Danish newspaper that first published the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad that have caused a storm of protest throughout the Islamic world, refused to run drawings lampooning Jesus Christ, it has emerged today.
The Danish daily turned down the cartoons of Christ three years ago, on the grounds that they could be offensive to readers and were not funny.
In April 2003, Danish illustrator Christoffer Zieler submitted a series of unsolicited cartoons dealing with the resurrection of Christ to Jyllands-Posten.
Zieler received an email back from the paper's Sunday editor, Jens Kaiser, which said: "I don't think Jyllands-Posten's readers will enjoy the drawings. As a matter of fact, I think that they will provoke an outcry. Therefore, I will not use them."
The illustrator said: "I see the cartoons as an innocent joke, of the type that my Christian grandfather would enjoy."
"I showed them to a few pastors and they thought they were funny."
But the Jyllands-Posten editor in question, Mr Kaiser, said that the case was "ridiculous to bring forward now. It has nothing to do with the Muhammad cartoons.
"In the Muhammad drawings case, we asked the illustrators to do it. I did not ask for these cartoons. That's the difference," he said.
"The illustrator thought his cartoons were funny. I did not think so. It would offend some readers, not much but some."
The decision smacks of "double-standards", said Ahmed Akkari, spokesman for the Danish-based European Committee for Prophet Honouring, the umbrella group that represents 27 Muslim organisations that are campaigning for a full apology from Jyllands-Posten.
"How can Jyllands-Posten distinguish the two cases? Surely they must understand," Mr Akkari added.

What should I say, the article explains itself, Mohammed and Muslims, very very funny, Jesus and Christians no... not that funny, lame etc.,,1703500,00.html

Also a nice apology to Norway and Denmark over the attack in Syria, indeed those who did it were morons.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

"We are destroying their embassies unlike you cowards"

Said my Syrian friend. I watched him as he happily said it, and then added "Even when the firefighters came, they used only one small hose to put the fire out, as if they were peeing on it." I do find it weird, that us the extreme and radical wahhabis and all, simply boycotted their products. Compared to what Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon did, we sure were rather 'peaceful'. The WTO is also whining, they want the Saudi government to stop the boycott. The boycott began by the people, and its their freedom right, to buy what they want? And according to your boss, USA, they want democracy in the middle east, specially Saudi Arabia. You are now demanding us to do a dictatorly action, by supressing our people, and pushing us to by Danish products! If Danish newspapers, Norwegian, French, Italian, German has the right of freedom, then the people of Saudi Arabia surely have the right and freedom to buy what pleases them, and if people don't want Danish products. You try to push us to democracy and freedom, and the other time you push us to dictatorship, you don't want democracy in Saudi Arabia, but you probably want something else.. black, liquid, and is around 60 $. And 25% of it is in Saudi Arabia. I wonder what that is?

Dirty Wahhabis, radical Wahhabis, terrorist Wahhabis, terrorism supporting nation, but not even one Danish property ruined or damaged by the wild Wahhabis yet. While the peaceful Syrians, Lebanese, and Palestinians threatened Danish people, ruined their embassies, and yet some more is coming. I understand what the Syrians, Lebanese, and Palestinians feel, but they shouldn't go hurt innocent people, I hope this won't happen there again, or in any other country.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Stupid us..

"Boycott Nido, boycott Lurpak!!111!!1"

We are still at it, sending messages, losing our money and efforts to boycott an entire country. When will we learn? Why can't we put that effort in our studying? Why can't we put that effort in our country. Till when will we go crazy on silly stuff. Yes, who posted the cartoons? A newspaper, they knew nothing of the Prophet PBUH of course, why didn't our government boycott Hamas for what they said? Why did we have to act just like them, and even worse, threatening to kill them, boycott this and that. Stop, forget what they say, when we asked for an apology, no problem, when we the public demanded a boycott no problem, but when people still send messages, open websites, demanding to boycott their products, its enough. A week has gone through demanding a boycott, its enough you know, we all know, now lets just forget it and move to some REAL important issues as when will we become a stronger country, and when will we show the real Islam! I also wonder what are we gonna do towards what the French newspaper lately did, boycott France?